Farrell’s new book lets women know they’re not in this alone

Like most of us, Patricia Farrell has had many life experiences … some amazing and some challenging; but she believes all her life experiences can be used by God to minister to others.  She is a vivacious woman capable of wearing many hats:  Nurse, National Motivational Life Coach, Program Speaker, Certified Lay Minister for the Wytheville District United Methodist Church, Founder and Keeper of Faith House, and most recently, Author.

Although Farrell began writing her book four years ago, and put it aside several times, God kept nudging her.  She felt the timing to write the book was now and said there was an urgency to reach people with the message.  “The sins of my past are laid bare before us in this book … not to entertain or shock us; but to demonstrate the redemptive power of unconditional love through a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.”

Farrell intertwines Biblical truth, scripture and insight into her life story.  “If I had only known Jesus…” is a common thread that she believes would have made a difference in her life choices.

Beginning with her pre-teen years, she recalls how she was labeled “boy crazy” because she was so desperate for attention and love.  The humiliation and shame brought by those words still hurt; and she cautions adults to be tender with children.  “You never know how your words will stay with them the rest of their life,” she explains.

Feelings of inadequacy because you don’t measure up can influence your entire life. “You don’t have to be physically abused to be damaged goods.  You can just be a disappointment, ignored, or a nuisance and a bother to someone you desperately need to love you.”

Farrell believes that “God places people in your life for a reason.  Most teachers and principals have no clue how powerful they are in the life of a child, and how God can use them to love someone who doesn’t feel loved.  Now, I want to be that someone who encourages others.  I want to pay it forward.”

After high school graduation, Farrell got a job in a mill inspecting drapes.  When a position opened up for a file clerk in the medical department of the mill, she applied and was accepted.  This was a divine connection in Farrell’s life.  Because of the influence of a Christian nurse in that department, Farrell began to attend Sunday school and seek a relationship with God.  Later, a scholarship for nursing school was offered and Farrell began training as a nurse.

After a failed marriage, Farrell realized she needed emotional healing and personal growth.  She deepened her relationship with her female friends and pursued a Master’s Degree in Nursing. “When you get to the point that you like yourself and are happy with whom you are, then you are ready for a relationship with someone else,” she advises.

One Thanksgiving, close friends invited Farrell to brunch and only advised her a few minutes before her arrival that they invited a gentleman they wanted her to meet.  Both of them arrived at the brunch angry and glared at each other throughout the meal.  Eventually, the two of them started talking and realized they had much in common (he was a physician).  This began a long-distance relationship.  They are happily married and her husband, Trip Farrell, is a huge supporter of Faith House and her ministry.

After a move to the desert of New Mexico, Farrell saw a life coach on TV who was helping women with low self-esteem.  “My heart flipped when I heard those words. I qualify for that, because I never had any self-esteem,” she thought.

In her book, Farrell states, “God can take you to the desert of your life and put your feet on the journey of finding your purpose in life.  Sometimes, He calls you to go down the desert road, but it will not be in vain.  Your travels will teach you more of who you are and whose you are in Him.”

Several years later, after a return home to Virginia, Farrell began dreaming of holding a woman’s retreat.  Her first retreat hosted only two women, who wanted to get away and get close to God.  Unfortunately, Farrell had orchestrated every minute with activities; but did not give them personal time with the Lord.  After a heart-to-heart with the Lord, she realized that this was the Lord’s retreat and that the ladies where there to hear from Him…not her!  God reminded her of the original vision…”Create a space for women to come—a trusting place … a nurturing place.”

While searching for a new home in Snowville, Farrell writes in her book how she and her husband came across an odd shaped building located on the river.  Immediately, Farrell realized this is the house…the place that God called her to create a place for women to come.  Her husband was not initially on board and was concerned about the repairs an old house would need. A thirty-two page inspection report seemed to reinforce his concerns; but Farrell prayed and had faith.  Miraculously every obsticle was overcome!

Farrell writes, “Never ever underestimate the power of purpose.  When God calls you, and you have faith to step out and follow Him, there will be nothing you can’t do.”

Farrell wants women to know they are not alone; that God loves them, forgives them and He is always with them.  “We are companions on the journey.  Thousands share your story.  Some may be ahead of you on the path… they can hold a flashlight for you to find your way.”  Farrell wants to comfort those with the comfort she has received through a relationship with Christ; and shine the light of Jesus to help them find their way.

For more information about Patricia Farrell and Faith House contact her at:  pat@patfarrellcoach.com or call 276.223.8210.

By Danielle Reid, The Patriot


Patricia Farrell’s book, “Faith House: A Journey to Faith” was recently introduced at a book signing held at Jordan’s Chapel in Pulaski.  According to Farrell, her book “Faith House: A Journey to Faith” is a story of what God can do.  “He takes a mess and makes a miracle,” Farrell states with a reassuring smile.