‘Function or Form’ opens at the FAC

10 28 function or form Carrie Hodge
Carrie Hodge displays her textile-based art at the Function or Form art exhibit at the FAC for the NRV. (William Paine/The Patriot)


The Patriot

The Fine Arts Center for the New River Valley recently held an opening for its latest exhibit entitled Function or Form.

“This particular show is an invitational fine art craft exhibit,” said FAC Director Becky Lattuca to those gathered for the occasion. “The idea with this show is that the works created are either functional or inspired by functional items.”

Six artists are featured in this exhibit, two of whom, Carrie Hodge and Frank Leonetti, were present at the opening.

10 28 function or form Frank Leonetti and his art
Frank Leonetti displayed several of his carved wood pieces for the Function or Form invitational art show at the FAC. (William Paine/The Patriot)

Carrie Hodge, a Pulaski County native, displayed some unique looking clothing articles for her first ever art show exhibit.

“I thrive on live music and art in all its incarnations,” said Carrie. “I grew up on multiple acres and painted with my dad’s leftover paint and it just became part of my identity.”

On the wall her Camo Jeans artwork hung next to another art piece called Brown Bustle.

“I scrunched this up and laid ice cubes over top of the whole piece,” she said of Camo Jeans. “Then I sprinkled Persian dye over top of it and I allowed the melting to do the dyeing.”

The Brown Bustle piece is made from a utility belt with various pieces of clothing attached, one of which was worn by her late grandmother on her deathbed.

Leonetti, who recently moved to Pulaski County from his native New York, has several intricately carved wood pieces on display.

“My dad was a cabinet maker for his whole life,” said Leonetti, who is also a member of the FAC board. “I helped him on many, many projects in our basement. Our house always smelled of Oak or Pine or something being cut. As far as art pieces go, I try new things and see what happens. Sometimes it doesn’t work out … most of the time it does, though.”

During the opening for Function or Form, Lattuca presented artist Chris Bolduc with the People’s Choice Award for his artwork in the preceding exhibit entitled, “Menagerie.”

Function or Form will be on display at the FAC through Saturday December 3. The next show is entitled “No Place Like Home” and submissions for this show will be accepted through November 12.