Packing lunches for Spring Break

Packin lunches for Spring Break
Virginia Tech’s Cornerstone Alumni and more recent VT graduates teamed up with Pulaski County Public School administrators and councilors to pack lunches for food insecure students over Spring Break. Each Pulaski County Public School received 50 bags of food to distribute. (William Paine/Patriot Publishing)


Patriot Publishing


About a dozen School Councilors, administrators and central office staff joined several Virginia Tech alumni to pack lunch bags for students during the weeklong Spring Break. The event was organized by Virginia Tech Cornerstone Alumni organization with the help of  Mary Cheverton, Coordinator of Student and Family Services and PCPS Superintendent Rob Graham.

“We felt like it would be a good idea to help our families that may have some food insecurities with some food that may help last them for the week,” said Graham. “We ended up with 35 boxes and which gives 50 bags per school. So, it ended up being a really great success.”


“Cornerstone is our alumni relations for our oldest graduates,” said Shannon Hammonds, Assistant Director for the Cornerstone Alumni engagement. “That’s the class of 1974 and earlier. It’s bringing our Hokies together. they not only help by giving their time and their talents to help us but they also can help give to special projects that we’re doing.”


Inside the bags, students will find peanut butter, chicken noodle soup, tuna, fruit cups, instant oatmeal packs and gummy fruit snacks.


According to Hammonds, the New River Valley has the 4th highest number of Virginia Tech alumni in the Commonwealth. The highest number of VT alumni reside in the Washington D.C. area, followed by Richmond and then Roanoke.