PCHS defeats Carroll in tennis, 5-4; fall to Cave Spring and Salem

cougar head2023-05-08
Carroll County @ Pulaski County

Results: Pulaski County defeated Carroll County 5-4

1. Camden Hite 8-6
2. Aaron Bennett 2-5
3. Mark Graham 2-8
4. Eli Duke 8-3
5. Ashton Paul 8-3
6. Ethan Worley 7-9

1. Camden/Mark 8-8 T7-4
2. Aaron/Ethan 7-9
3. Ashton/Jackson RahLan 8-6

Coach: Chad Graham



Next Match
Cave Spring at PC on 5/9

Coach's Comments
On Monday, Pulaski County boys tennis was able to hand Carroll
County's #1 singles and #1 doubles their first losses of the season.
First, Camden Hite and Mark Graham clinched their victory with a
tiebreaker. Then, #1 Camden Hite took down their #1 singles player
with a score of 8-6. #4 Eli Duke and #5 Ashton Paul played great in
their singles to both win with an 8-3. I will also note that #2 Aaron
Bennett was making a comeback in his singles match, but we needed to
end it early to attempt a double header. Our #3 doubles team of Ashton
Paul and Jackson RahLan won both of their doubles matches on the
night. Rain ended our double header while we were tied at 2-2, but
this one won't get finished. We will have to wait until next season
for the rematch with completely different lineups as four of our
seniors will have graduated.

Cave Spring @ Pulaski County

Results: Cave Spring defeated Pulaski County 8-1

1. Camden Hite 4-6 6-4 T10-7
2. Aaron Bennett 3-6 1-6
3. Mark Graham 2-6 1-6
4. Eli Duke 4-6 0-6
5. Ashton Paul 3-6 3-6
6. Ethan Worley 3-6 1-6

1. Camden/Mark 7-9
2. Aaron/Eli 2-8
3. Ashton/Jackson RahLan 4-8

Coach: Chad Graham

Austin Sink


Next Match
Salem at PC on 5/12

Coach's Comments
Although Pulaski County won 44 games in this match, only #1 Camden
Hite could get a win. And that one required a comeback set and
tiebreak 3rd set. Honestly, I believe the scores would have been even
better had we not just played a long night of tennis the day before
this match.

Salem @ Pulaski County

Results: Salem defeated Pulaski County 9-0

1. Camden Hite 3-6 3-6
2. Aaron Bennett 4-6 2-6
3. Mark Graham 0-6 2-6
4. Eli Duke 4-6 2-6
5. Ashton Paul 6-6 T5-7 3-6
6. Ethan Worley 1-6 1-6

1. Camden/Mark 1-8
2. Aaron/Eli 5-8
3. Ashton/Jackson RahLan 1-8

Coach: Chad Graham

Austin Sink


Next Match

Coach's Comments
The tennis players from Salem remembered leaving Pulaski with an
unexpected 4-5 loss, last year. They would have none of that this time
around. #5 Ashton Paul would be the closest to victory with a lost
tiebreaker. And both #2 Aaron Bennett and #4 Eli Duke were able to get
four games in their first set. Salem's #1 was significantly frustrated
by #1 Camden Hite, but the freshman treated him like a warmup for this
weekend's tennis tournament. In celebration of our four seniors, I
took liberties with a mid-match lineup in which I re-ordered the
seniors to the top while calling out their names in my best radio
announcer voice. Although they may have rolled their eyes, I hope they
appreciate the token at least a tiny fraction as much as I appreciate
their dedication to the team throughout their years playing tennis at
Pulaski County. They will be missed.