Pulaski Police now trained, equipped with Naloxone

This month, officers of the Pulaski Police Department were trained and equipped with Nasal Naloxone, the life-saving antidote for opioid drug overdoses.

The sessions included the policy specifically developed for this program and the procedures necessary to safely dispense this medication under the appropriate situations.  The state initiative to utilize Naloxone also mandates that practical exercises in dispensing the antidote are included during the training.

In an effort to take steps to ensure the safety of police personnel and area citizens that may be impacted by the opioid epidemic, the Pulaski Police Department undertook a proactive step and applied for, and was awarded a grant by the Virginia Department of Criminal Justice Services to purchase the opioid antagonist.  The Pulaski Police Department included the Pulaski County Sheriff’s Office in the grant as well.

By authority of: G.W. Roche, Chief of Police