Town seeks interested citizens for committee vacancies

Have you been looking for opportunities to give back to your community? If so, the Town of Pulaski is currently seeking interested citizens to fill several vacancies on Town authorities and boards. Openings are available on the following boards as described below:

Board of Zoning Appeals-The Board of Zoning Appeals (BZA) considers variances from the Zoning Ordinance and appeals from decisions of the Zoning Administrator under standards set by the Code of Virginia. Town residents interested in serving are nominated by a resolution of the Town Council, with the actual appointment made by the Circuit Court Judge. Members serve for five year terms and are normally sent to specialized training at Town expense to learn more about the role and duties of the BZA. Currently there is one (1) vacancy for a regular member and two (2) vacancies for alternates to this Board.

Housing Board of Adjustment and Appeals-The Housing Board of Adjustment and Appeals considers appeals from the decisions of the Building Official/Inspector and the Fire Marshal. Members of the Board represent various disciplines involved in the construction, repair or sale of structures. Currently there are four (4) vacancies for a citizen at large, realtor, contractor and professional representative. Members are appointed by Town Council for four (4) year terms.

Redevelopment and Housing Authority-The Redevelopment and Housing Authority (RHA) is an independent authority of the Town which is responsible for assisting with residential and commercial development of new or existing structures. The Authority works with the Town on various projects to improve the quality of residential and commercial areas, increase the Town’s overall tax base and help improve the living conditions of the Town’s citizens all around. Authority members are appointed by the Town Council for four (4) year terms.

How to Apply: If you are interested in applying for a position on any of these committees, please contact David N. Quesenberry, Clerk of Council for a volunteer application form at 994-8602 or by email at Application forms may be returned either electronically or to the following mailing address:

Town of Pulaski, Virginia

Attn: Clerk of Council

P.O. Box 660

Pulaski, Virginia 24301