Tucks Collision accepting donations for God’s Pit Crew

Tucks Collision in Pulaski is accepting donations for God’s Pit Crew – donations that will go to victims of Hurricane Florence in the Carolinas.

Tucks, located at 1001 East Main Street in Pulaski, will accept donations from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday – Friday.

God’s Pit Crew, which responds to emergencies all across the country, has already sent several truckloads of assistance to victims of the storm, but more is needed as flooding in both states has affected thousands.

Stacy Tuck of Tucks Collision says God’s Pit Crew has already sent 13 trucks to the Carolinas and their stockpile of supplies has been seriously depleted.

God’s Pit Crew got its start in May of 1999. Randy and Terri Johnson answered the calling upon their lives by responding to the devastation caused by the largest tornado in recorded history in Oklahoma City, OK. After using borrowed trucks and trailers to deliver three loads of supplies, they returned home from Oklahoma with a sense of great accomplishment. Little did they know that this was only the beginning of something much greater than they could have imagined. Soon the non-profit crisis response organization known as God’s Pit Crew was born.

As of November 2017, God’s Pit Crew has responded to 99 major disasters in 25 states and 11 countries. They have built and furnished more than 40 homes and freely donated them to families in need, as well as renovated dozens of churches and children’s homes.

They have also distributed more than 200 million pounds of relief supplies to individuals and agencies.

The vision of God’s Pit Crew is, “With God’s help and direction to bring hope, help and restoration to hurting people in times of crisis.”

Items needed for victims in the Carolinas include:

Bath towels

Paper towels

Toilet paper

Alcohol or Peroxide (max. 16 ounce)

Disposable cleaning wips (flat pack)

Shampoo (max. 15 ounce)

Easy open ready to eat canned foods (max. 15 ounce)

Tooth paste




Tooth brushes

Deodorant (2 ounces)

Individually wrapped Tampon or Maxi Pad

Plastic cutlery / napkin packets

Wash cloths

Packs of nabs or crackers


Notes of encouragement

Monetary donations