Big week in the Davis family


This is a big week for Al Davis of Fairlawn and his family. His daughter, Master Sergeant Adrian Davis-Harris is retiring after 25 years in the U.S. Army. Davis-Harris (pictured above with her father, Al and her husband, Major Roscoe “Tony” Harris) was in Pulaski this week for a retirement reception in her honor at the Pulaski VFW building. Davis-Harris joined the Army in February 1996 as an engineer. After four years, she made the move to become a paralegal. “I’ve absolutely loved it,” she said. Now she is retiring as chief paralegal assigned to the U.S. Army Reserve Command at Fort Bragg, second in charge of technical oversight of all the paralegals in the Army Reserve. “My father served, my brother served and my sister also served,” Davis-Harris noted. She met her husband while serving in Iraq. Tony is still in stationed at Fort Knox with the 84th Training Command. They live outside Cincinnati in Ohio. Davis-Harris was born and raised in Radford and graduated from Christiansburg High School. “My dad is my hero. His father was in the Army, but he went wayward and joined the Marines,” she joked. “I thought it was important to honor that legacy of my dad and my grandfather. It was important to me. It has been a good life. I was able to help provide for my family.” She and Tony have three children. She noted that the ceremony this week was not a formal retirement ceremony, but more of a retirement reception. “There’s not a lot of the typical customs and courtesies and traditions you normally see. I just wanted it small for my family and specifically my dad. I know how important it is for him.” Was Al a proud dad for the event? “Yes sir, but they could have been Marines,” he said.