Pastor John Kilpatrick: ‘We have a moment in history’

Pastor John Kilpatrick of the Brownsville Revival came to the IPHC Camp Meeting on June 11 – 12 to share things that were on his heart. He related how 4-1/2 million people came to the Brownsville Revival in Pensacola, FL from the nations of the earth. Hundreds of thousands received salvation during the revival that began on Father’s Day, 1995. “Many times, while walking the isles of the church during the revival, it seemed like I was walking through an invisible river. The presence of God was so strong there.”
Preaching to a capacity audience at the IPHC Camp Grounds on Hwy 11 in Dublin, VA, Kilpatrick presented a strong message for the Church in America, warning that political correctness has replaced the presence of God.
“The American Church needs to wake up and discern the times – like the men of Issicar in the Bible who understood the times and knew what to do. A storm is about to break forth on the earth but the angels are holding back the winds of adversity for a time. There is a holy, awesome consciousness that God is up to something. Church, don’t miss the day of visitation.” Adding, “America is at a crossroads. This is not a time to doze off. It is time to open up our hearts and let God build concepts of Truth into our lives. God’s Truth builds peoples’ faith and destroys deception.”
Kilpatrick believes people are living far beneath their God-given privileges because of deception; and because pastors are not preaching the Word of God but preaching ‘happy meals’ instead.
The consequences of not hearing God are destructive according to Kilpatrick. “When people will not hear God’s word, He will speak through metaphores to show how they have hurt Him.” (A metaphor is a figure of speech where words are replaced by a visual.) Using scripture from Ezekiel 4, Kilpatrick relayed how God instructed the prophet Ezekiel to shave his head and beard and make three piles of the hair. Then Ezekiel was told to set the first pile on fire, using the metaphor that the people had lost the fire to serve God and were no longer moral. The second pile, Ezekiel was to stab with a knife, showing that the people had no respect for the leadership God had given them; and instead stab the preachers in the back. The third pile was to be scattered in the wind, indicating the people no longer care about the move of the Holy Spirit.
“Everything God has is voice activated. Until He spoke it out, nothing happened. In Genesis, during creation, the Bible says that the evening and the morning were the first day. When God starts a new concept it is right before dark (evening). He starts in the evening and works His way to the morning. At midnight, there is a change into a new day. It’s still dark and we don’t understand what He is doing but He leads us through the darkness into the new day. The Church is getting ready to go into a new day and must realize that until we speak it (prayer, prophecy, blessings in line with God’s Word), nothing happens,” Kilpatrick instructed.
“The Bible is a book loaded with Truth. When we preach the Word under the anointing it creates concepts and structures which lodge in our heart and mind; and God builds on those truths.”
Governing through our words requires us to carry a knowledge of the Truth and a love for His presence. Jesus words are recorded in the book of John 15:5 – 8…that ‘without Me you can do nothing, but if you abide in Me and My Words abide in you, you will ask what you desire and it shall be done for you’.
Kilpatrick continued, “Non-productive words are idle words. Jesus always said who He was… ‘I Am’; and said what He heard His Father say. (Jesus declared in John 12:49 ‘I have not spoken on my own. Instead, the Father who sent me told me what I should say and how I should say it.’ God’s Word Translation). It is really important that we realize our words have power. This revelation has made me more conscientious of my words – I’ve had to repent for speaking idle words over myself, my ministry and over others.”
“We have another moment in history when revival can break out again in America. Revival happens because God’s people pray. Revival has happened before and it can happen again in our generation. God has always sent his prophet ahead of the people…and we are a generation of forerunners. A Forerunner is one who is sent in advance to a place where the rest are to follow. The purpose of Forerunners is to unite a generation in fellowship, encouragement, prayer and edification. We have something to offer to each other and to the next generations!”
Kilpatrick believes the great hope for America is another revival. Revival comes through His people who are diligently and effectively praying by asking, seeking and knocking – and believing that God will once again open that door.
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PHOTO: Pastor John Kilpatrick of the Brownsville Revival, which took place in the 1990’s and saw millions of salvations worldwide, shared a word for the local church in America during a two day conference at the IPHC in Dublin, June 11 – 12. Kilpatrick is the founder and pastor of the Church of His Presence in Daphne, AL. He believes another revival is on the way in America, but God’s people must pray.