Volvo Trucks at a glance

By all accounts, it has been a record truck-building year for Volvo Trucks.  Like most industries; however, there are cycle fluctuations in the market that sometimes require reactive adjustments, and the trucking industry is no different.  Based upon the way their order support appears to be evolving, it is our understanding that Volvo’s Dublin plant could experience a slight employment downturn as a result.  The company is unable to provide any specificity or detailed numbers at this time, but a production adjustment could occur by the end of the year and could subsequently mean some form of temporary layoffs.  Although we have seen these types of layoffs in the past, Volvo’s employment numbers steadily continue to increase over the long-term and they are currently at approximately 3,500 employees.  Much like the fluctuations in the stock market with constant ebbs and flows, we see continued and consistent job growth here at the New River Valley plant and have no indication that this familiar growth curve will not continue for many more years to come.