Warner to visit Historic Calfee Training School

On Friday, October 30 at 3:15pm, Senator Mark Warner will visit the historic Calfee Training School (1 Magnox Drive) in Pulaski, VA, to learn about the school’s significant history and the future plans for the Calfee Community & Cultural Center (CCCC).

In attendance will be members of the CCCC Board of Directors; former students of the Calfee Training School; Dr. Marylen Harmon, daughter of two of the historic school’s most prominent educators; and other Pulaski County leaders. COVID-19 safety precautions, including masks and social distancing will be practiced.

Also due to COVID-19, the event will be open to invited guests and press only.


About the Calfee Community & Cultural Center

Inspired by the legacy of Calfee Training School, the Calfee Community and Cultural Center (CCCC) is committed to meeting our community’s present needs and creating a stronger future for Pulaski County. The organization’s Board of Directors, a majority of whom are either former students of the historic African American school or their family members, are currently designing a vision for a future center that will address community needs for high quality childcare, a strong local food economy, preserving local African American history, and building community and leaders in Pulaski County across racial, class, and generational lines.

The Calfee Training School was constructed in 1939 after the first Calfee Training School was destroyed by fire. The building is a Public Works Administration project repurposed several times since the school closed in 1966. For more information, or to get involved, visit the CCCC website at calfeeccc.org and follow @CalfeeCCC on Facebook.