Williams announces as candidate for School Board from Draper

5 12 billy williams
Billy Williams and wife, Pam with daughters Abbie and Meredith.

Billy Williams has announced his candidacy for the Pulaski County School Board from the Draper District.

“It is with great honor that I am announcing my candidacy for the Draper District School Board seat,” Williams stated in a prepared statement. “I completed the filing requirements at the end of March and I am excited for the opportunity to represent the parents/guardians, students, faculty and staff and all citizens of Pulaski County.”

“I call Pulaski County my Home … I am a lifelong, multi-generation resident of Pulaski County, and proud graduate of the Pulaski County School System.  My wife and I chose to stay in the area to raise our two wonderful daughters, both graduates of Pulaski County.  This county has so much to offer us, and so much to be proud of.  I hope to continue and expand this sense of pride in our county and school system,” Williams said.

“I would first like to say there are some amazing people in my district and the county as a whole.  While collecting signatures throughout the district, and discussing topics related to education in the schools, the messaging was loud and clear as to what people’s expectations are for the school system,” he said.

“The topics that we discussed were numerous, but there were common themes repeated consistently by both parents, guardians, citizens and teachers that they want addressed,” he said.

“Among these,” he said, are:

  • Discipline and order restored to the classroom. Accountability for actions that are detrimental to the learning environment. The goal will be to allow teachers to do what they do best….educate our children.
  • The past two years have brought forth rules and policies that no one could have ever imagined in our school system. Parents and guardians repeatedly stated that their values, morals and belief systems must be respected by everyone in the school system.   I will work with parents, teachers and administration to ensure that parents’ rights are respected and there is transparency in the curriculum.
  • Expand the opportunities of students in the areas of academic, vocational and trades. Not only expand course offerings, but create more opportunities for post graduate training and career ready students.
  • Enhanced collaboration between parents and teachers. Create additional teacher provided resources available to parents/guardians so they can have a role in supporting the educational development of their children.
  • Continue to work with local law enforcement agencies to ensure that our schools are protected and secure.
  • Recruit and retain the very best teachers, staff and administrators to create a culture where everyone is working towards excellence in all areas.

“My approach will be that of an open, honest and trustworthy board member.   It would be an honor and a privilege to serve the Draper District and Pulaski County as a member of our School Board.  I look forward to talking to you very soon and earn your vote on November 7, 2023,” Williams said.