“Color Me Cameron” 5th Annual 5K Color Run/Walk is Saturday

On April 4th, it will be 5 years since Cameron Fitzwater lost his life in a single vehicle car accident just two months shy of graduation. The news was devastating, not just to his family, but to the whole community.

To look at Cameron you would see an ordinary kid, but to meet him was an entirely different story. Cameron eluded love and compassion towards others far beyond our small-town limits. Cameron, known for living life to its fullest, but more importantly for living his life OUT LOUD, touched so many lives in his short time here on earth, and he continues to touch lives today through the good works he left behind and the legacy he left in the hearts of all who knew him.  He is remembered for his adventurous spirit, his outgoing personality, his sense of humor, his love of life, his huge bear hugs, and his contagious smile.  He inspired others to love God, appreciate nature, live big, dream big, embrace their fears, and to never give up.  It has been said by those who knew Cameron, “He brought color to a gray world.”   Others left messages on Cameron’s Facebook:

I know I wasn’t popular in high school but you still talked to me.  You complimented me almost every time we would talk because you knew that i’m self conscious. You helped me stop cutting and stop being suicidal.”

“you left behind a strength and a conviction and a wisdom that wasn’t there before and this helped me help someone else.”

“I just know that whenever he walked in a room.  You knew he was there.  Even if you didn’t see him.  But it wasn’t because of a cocky attitude or anything like that.  He was so happy and so humble. He loved people no matter what.  If he saw someone sitting alone having a bad day He would do everything in his power to cheer them up.”

“Thank you, for your spirit and your honesty, for telling me, as we sat facing the window in Biology at 9 AM, Life is out THERE, not here, for never telling me not to cut my hair or to watch myself at school, for never belittling my work or asking why, sometimes, I didn’t answer your texts, for always being there when I needed someone to tell me that it was okay to leave that guy or take that class or hike that mountain.  Thank you, for being you”

“You probably know Cameron from his huge smile, loud voice, and energetic attitude in every aspect of his life.”

“He etched his life in others not just in Pulaski but everywhere.”

“Fitz seems to be on a lot of our hearts lately. And as much as I don’t like being that person that posts about this kind of stuff, this story is needed. Time goes by too quickly, Cam literally left a legacy in Pulaski County, and beyond. He touched so many lives. I met a young girl the other day, I had my Cam shirt on, she looked at me and asked if we were friends…it sparked a conversation. Turns out this was one of those quiet girls, one of the girls that no one spoke too, except for Cam. She said he always spoke to her no matter what. The last thing she said was, “I feel like my life has purpose.” Isn’t this the way we should be living? Fitz has taught me so much. It blows my mind that he’s not here, I still don’t understand, but until we meet again, there’s definitely a few things we could learn from the way he lived his life.”

The Cameron Fitzwater Memorial Scholarship Foundation was created to celebrate the life of Cameron Taylor Fitzwater by allowing Cameron’s life and aspirations to live on by helping others pursue their dreams of higher education.  The Cameron Fitzwater Memorial Scholarship Foundation is about turning tragedy into triumph while developing community spirit and giving.

The Foundation awards four $1,000 scholarships annually to PCHS graduating seniors who have been accepted in to a 2 year/4 year College/University and or Technical School and have participated in one or more of the activities that Cameron loved:  Boy Scouts, Choir, Drama, MACC Academic Team, Track, Wrestling, and Young Life.

On Saturday April 1st, Cameron’s life will be celebrated with the color crazed “Color Me Cameron” 5th Annual 5K Color Run/Walk.  With over 5,000 pounds of color, participants, wearing their whitest of whites, will make their way through the streets of Pulaski and the Dora Extension of the New River Valley Trail, then back to Jackson Park for an unforgettable After Party that includes music by “Don’t Quit Your Day Job, dancing, door prizes, and more color.  The “Color Me Cameron” 5K Color Run/Walk celebrates Cameron’s life the way he lived it…full of life, full of laughter, and full of fun.

Registration is available online at: http://www.active.com/pulaski-va/running/distance-running-races/color-me-cameron-5th-annual-5k-color-run-walk-2017 or onsite the day of the event.  Registration opens at 7:30am with the event starting at 10:00am.  Adults: $30, and kids 10 and under are free (accompanied by an adult).

Cameron wrote,” “God put me here to find more about who He is through me. I intend to search my soul for him…no matter how long it takes. I will live always, whether in flesh or spirit. I will always endeavor to live life to the fullest.” And he is…

For more information contact tfitzwater@verizon.net